Dear Sir/Madam,
Dear Colleagues,

After a year’s break and following our successful off-site conference in Macedonia, we are happy to invite you, for a fourteenth time already, to participate in the nation-wide “14th Ustka Oncology Days” scientific symposium, organised in Poland again — this year in Katowice, Silesia.

This decision is associated with our intention to show you a different part of Poland and, above all, express our courtesy to all of you who came every year from distant southern Poland to Ustka. Furthermore, a flight connection between Katowice and Ohrid airports will facilitate greater participation of doctors from Macedonia. The fact that Ustka is a seaside resort was definitely an additional attraction, but the charms of Silesia are as interesting, and this change of location will let you discover the region’s culture and hospitality. We do hope that our comprehensive agenda combined with the presence of an international body of lecturers will convince you once more to grace us with your presence in equally high numbers. This year’s symposium is held under the auspices of the Association of Polish Surgeons, Polish Society of Surgical Oncology, Polish Society for Breast Cancer Research, National Surgical Oncology Consultant, National General Surgery Consultant and the Editor-in-Chief of the “Nowotwory Journal of Oncology” bimonthly. The symposium has also received the Honorary Patronage of His Magnificence the Rector of the Medical University of Silesia, Professor Przemysław Jałowiecki, PhD.

The symposium is organised by the University Clinical Centre of the Medical University of Silesia, the Surgical Oncology Clinic of the Department of Oncology and Radiation Therapy as well as the Clinic of Endocrinology and Neuroendocrine Tumours in Katowice. We are extremely glad to witness our consistently increasing popularity among doctors of various specialties who treat cancer patients. Therefore, this year’s main topic combines several specialties pertaining to the most important problems in combination therapy of selected neoplasms.


Topics of this year’s meeting include combination therapy of:
• breast cancer,
• head and neck tumours,
• oesophageal and gastric cancer,
• pancreatic cancer,
• rectal cancer,
• neuroendocrine tumours.



We cordially invite you to participate,
Organisational and Scientific Committee of 14th Ustka Oncology Days




                                          Chair: Associate ProfessorZoran Stojčev, PhD            Vice-Chair: Professor Beata Kos-Kudła, PhD

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